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Hope Lysaght 

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Enjoys: Being a mom, spending time with my dogs and family, woodworking, listening to Taylor Swift, yoga, and cooking. 

Favorite Setback: I was cut from my high school soccer team. I then joined the cross country team and ran more distance than I ever imagined I could. I also made new friends that I wouldn't have met if I didn't join the cross country team. 


Have you ever looked back on your childhood and wondered how your life would be different if you had a space where you really felt inspired and where you truly could be yourself? 


Imagine if your childhood had included this: 


  • Going to an extracurricular activity as a kid or teenager where you weren't taught to see others around you as solely rivals or competition.

  • Being able to make mistakes and talk about them in front of a group without shame but with the pride of learning and moving forward.

  • Being a part of a group where you were encouraged to take creative risks and to not avoid failure.

  • Having a group of friends, peers, teachers, and a community that helped support you and root you on as you learned a new skillset.

  • Gaining confidence through woodworking as a result of designing, building, and decorating your very own creations.

  • Having discussions and learning about confidence so you could help maintain it through various life stages.


What would your childhood look like? Would you be the same person today?  


Creating has always been a consistent thing for me but having a community to learn with and share my true self with would have helped in every aspect of my life. I am excited to give girls and the gender expansive youth of Northern Kentucky a space where they can come just as they are and feel the support of the group around them and from their community.

Of Women Building a Better World 

Board of Directors 

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Lauren Moore

Lauren has her degree in Marketing from University of Louisville. She is currently a mortgage loan originator at Motto Mortgage. She previously worked in the non-profit space handling patron engagement at the Cincinnati Ballet. She has a background in marketing as well as customer service. 

Enjoys: Reading, traveling, skiing, organizing, working out at Studio 43 and hosting her family and friends for gatherings at her house!


Favorite Setback: I got really bored at one of my previous jobs, so bored that I eventually decided it was time to move on. After looking for a new job for nearly a year I finally discovered the business of mortgage loans and I absolutely LOVE it.

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Allie Keating

Allie works in Employee Training and Program Development at a local Veterinary Clinic. She builds new training programs for new staff and staff development. She has experience in team and civic space management. Allie has her degree in Communications and Organizational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. She has previously served on the board of other local nonprofits, focusing on environmental sustainability.

Enjoys: I love spending time with my family and friends, traveling the world, trying new foods, and spending time outside!


Favorite Setback:  It took me a really long time to finish college. It was so difficult for me to stay focused and on track when it came to school. I had to work so hard just keep my head above water. I took a year off here and there, and finally finished. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it to prove to myself I could. I have started working on my Master’s degree as well, but again am facing setbacks. Staying on track when something is hard is not always fun and definitely not easy, but if it’s important to you, you should always try your hardest to make it to the finish line!

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Meghan Sandfoss works in the public administration field, primarily focused on developing and implementing solutions for a wide range of local government, community, and economic development needs in Northern Kentucky. Ms. Sandfoss is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a 2012 graduate of Leadership Northern Kentucky. She serves as a Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader and is a Lifetime member and an adult mentor with Girl Scouts and received a Volunteer of Excellence award in 2018. 

As the granddaughter of an avid do-it-yourselfer, she learned how to swing a hammer at a young age and loves the smell of fresh sawdust. A New Hampshire native, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and a master’s degree in Community Planning from the University of Cincinnati. She resides in South Covington with her husband and their two children.

Enjoys: exploring new places, knitting, reading, and spending time with friends and family

Favorite Setback: One of my lessons this year came from one of my favorite knit pattern designers. Sometimes I will notice a mistake in my work and rip out hours of work to go back and fix it. This designer challenged her knitters to make an intentional mistake, leave it, and move on. It was difficult to overcome the tendency for perfectionism, but once the project was complete, it was hard to find the "mistake" and it was not something that anyone else would ever notice. Her lesson was that we are often our own worst critics, and sometimes we need to spend a little less time worrying about our imperfections. 

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Carissa has a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades English and Teaching Exceptional Children with Learning and Behavior Disorders. She has her Master’s degree in School Counseling. Carissa currently works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a School Specialist, but has previous experience as a special education teacher and school counselor.


Enjoys: In the last few years I have found my love for one of my favorite things- reading. Reading can help create friendships, make you laugh and cry, and escape from everyday life and transport you all around the world without ever leaving the house. 


Favorite setback: My favorite setback happened when I ran my first half marathon. When I got to mile seven, my body was in a lot of pain, but I still had six miles left. I told myself I can do hard things and would get through this. I put on a upbeat music playlist and let the music and the bystanders with their inspiration signs and talents, especially the little boy playing the piano, get me through the last six miles.  I’ve never been more proud of myself than knowing that I pushed through and was able to do something I’ve never done before.

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Jessica currently works at RC Capital. She oversees all of the administrative functions and daily operations for the firm as the Manager of Administration. Prior to joining RC Capital, Jessica was a Senior Claims Processing Specialist for Great American Insurance Company. She obtained her Associate in Customer Service for Insurance Professionals along with other professional designations. Jessica is an active member of the International Association of Administrative professionals. 

Jessica graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Entrepreneurship.


Jessica serves as the Leadership Chair for Lighthouse Young Professionals Committee, a group whose mission is to empower young people and families to succeed through a continuum of care that promotes healing and growth. She also serves on the BOLD (Board Orientation + Leadership Development) steering committee and serves on the mentoring and placement committee. 

Enjoys:  I enjoy spending time with my husband, two children (Ella and Grayson) and 10- year old German Shepherd Diesel. I enjoy cooking, spending time on the lake and looking for my next home renovation project. 

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Your Face Here!!! 

Seeking a diverse board consisting of females from all areas of expertise. Commitment includes a monthly meeting -often virtual- where voting and decision making will be required. 

Please email ohshebuiltthat@gmail.com if you are interested in a role on the board!