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Building a better world for girls

Oh She Built That encourages girls and gender expansive youth to explore STEM careers and hobbies through woodworking education and workshops.  These youths are less likely than their male peers to be exposed to similar opportunities.  Our students learn not only mathematical and technical skills but also teamwork and how to overcome obstacles and handle mistakes.  We empower our students to have confidence in navigating our world to build a stronger community with more equal representation.


We partner with Northern Kentucky public schools, non-profit organizations, libraries, and other various groups focused on female-empowerment. We currently only serve Northern Kentucky. Eligible students are girls and gender expansive youth ages 9-18 years old who live in Northern Kentucky. We travel and haul all equipment needed for our programs. We prioritize scheduling programs with diverse groups of students and/or financially disadvantaged students.


While incorporated in 2021, we started with our first in-person programs in Spring of 2023. 


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After-School Programs

Fall and Spring

Flexible Scheduling 

Summer Camp Programs

Need us for a summer build?

Flexible Scheduling 

We can run a project for a day or over the course of a week! 

Weekend Class Programs

Full priced and available to public. Not regularly scheduled. 

Ex. Mom and Daughter Class, Friendship Focused, and Independent Classes 


Contact Oh She Built That

Hope Lysaght

Executive Director



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